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*   The Rare and White Animal Prophesies

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The power of sound touches and moves us deeply because we are  vibrational beings in nature. 
Cultures the world over use sound to attune, invoke, and transform consciousness.

By integrating  prayer, song, chant, with clarity
and intent, we can create a magical framework
of healing potential for us and the planet.We have
 the power to transform.

We are uniting with organizations world wide, to create a world at peace, at one with each other. 
We are also  working with indigenous elders, and accomplished leaders in spiritual and healing disciplines worldwide, to bring forward the insight and wisdom they have to offer.

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From the First Churches Sancturay,
Join us at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute's 2nd Annual Conference, the Science and Spirit of Sound,
June 24-26, in Northampton, MA.

Our closing world healing ceremonies will be broadcast live via our network.
Or, join us, free, right here, at www.allonenow.org
Sunday, June 26, 2005, @ 4:44 P.M.

New article:  Resting in Nature
Movie:  The Call:  All One Now

We will be calling upon our wisdom keepers, the traditional elders and contemporary leaders in their fields of well being, to share their thoughts, guidance, and understanding on these pages.

 Celebrating the Beauty and Joy of the Earth

-image courtesy & ©Joseph Blackburn, see below

We know grievances and turmoil, and conflict are widespread in the world, but we have not found a way to fix them.  So, what can we do to resolve the problems of the Earth? 

One answer lies in the celebration of the Earth.  She holds a template for our beauty and joy and harmony.

Look to the Earth to discover that template, because she is the act of Creation in process now.  Look to her natural beauty and wonder.  She is expressing that Joy & Beauty of Creation of the Divine, at this moment.  The Earth embodies the heart of the Sacred, whatever we choose to call it, anchoring the heart of the heavens here before us, around, and within us.

If we go out and experience the beauty of this Earth, be part of it, we can receive that joy, feel its harmony.  That brings its imprint into us, to inundate us, and align us with our own natural beauty and harmony, as we ourselves have risen from the earth, and are in harmony with that same imprint.

We celebrate the elements of the earth also, in these sacred ways, as they are part of Creation, they are what manifest Creation has sprung from, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, just as all peoples of the Earth have celebrated since before time was measured.  And, they have been celebrated on these sacred solar calendar days (solstice and equinox),  throughout the earth, as the Earth and Sun move in relationship with one another, in the sacred Dance of Life.

We celebrate all of the peoples of the Earth, and all of her wisdom keepers.  There is such deep and residual beauty in all of the diverse paths, and peoples of the Earth.

Another answer lies in being the solution.  While we can easily look around us, and find those causing so many problems, let us ask ourselves, what are we doing, each of us, to resolve these conflicts?  We, at AllOneNow, believe the solution lies in "being the solution."  In being the carriers of peace,  of understanding, of tolerance, of love and compassion for others.  And in planting seeds of peace, of love, of gratitude, of compassion, of joy, of beauty, of hope, and of wholeness, in all of our relations.

It is we, the seed carriers, whom can change the world.  Be what you wish the world to be.  Be the way you wish others would be.  See the beauty in others.  Find the beauty within yourself.   And plant your seeds of good relations with all beings.

This is our vision.  To restore this celebration, this dance of Life, of Beauty, of Joy, of Hope and of Healing, Wholeness, and Harmony with Life, the Earth, all of Creation, the Creator, in all of Its many names and forms, and with all Its diverse peoples.

Blessings, as you carry out your own celebrations of hope and understanding, of joy and beauty, in your own lands, in your own ways.
Let us Be,


text courtesy Zacciah Blackburn

Photo, top of column, courtesy of, and
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