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Our Joint Live Free Interactive Teleconferences

with The Sound Healing Network
All One Now Network / World Sound Healing Organization 
with Internationally Recognized Sound Healers across the Globe

and Community Building Between Sound Healing Organizations.
Information on our Teleconferences, and Instructions on How to Call in are Below
Our Teleconferences are only those Joint Events announced as a Teleconferences
All Broadcasts & Teleconferences are Broadcast Free on the Web at 
For: Help listening to an Archive or a Web Broadcast
For Instructions on how to participate in the WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY TELECONFERENCES, click here!

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All One Now is a venture of:
World Sound Healing, a non profit project, uniting with organizations world wide, to create a world at peace, at one with each other. 
We are also  working with indigenous elders, and accomplished leaders in spiritual and healing disciplines worldwide, to bring forward the insight and wisdom they have to offer.


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FREE Streamed Soundings, Four
Times a Year, The weeks surrounding
the Earth's

Equinoxes and Solstices.

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dwide web broadcast of these events is sponsored by
The World Sound Healing Organization

Follow this link for a viewing of our f/ree on line video,
The Call, a stirring 8 minute tribute reminding us of
the Beauty, Sanctity, and Oneness of All Life.

Join our broadcasts of many luminous teachers in the field of human consciousness, and traditional elders of indigenous wisdom. 
See Upcoming Events for all programs.

Dec 19-21, 2006 was our Feast of Dreams, with prominent elders of the North American First Nations peoples.  Follow the links to archived events.

Do what you can to serve this magnificent Earth, to preserve and protect Her, and Her many Peoples, and to help in this time of great Human Transformation.
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  Teleconference Information

Since December 2006,
The World Sound Healing & All One Now Network, and the Sound Healing Network (SHN,)
(formerly The New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI,) has offered

Free Joint Live Web Broadcasts & Teleconferences
of respected teachers in the field of Sound Healing.
These occur typically once a month.

PLEASE NOTE if the event you are wanting to listen to is listed as a Joint Teleconference and Webcast, or just a Webcast.
Webcast Only events can not be joined in on the Teleconference line.
For Webcasts, log in at, or click on the Turtle to your left.

You are now able to
  • Join in these Free Interactive Teleconferences, with your questions, by
  • Calling into the number listed below to participate
  • Or, simply log-in at to
    • hear the free web broadcast
    • from anywhere on the Globe
    • if you just wish to listen


  • In order to take part in the call, simply call the Dial-In Number: 1 (218) 339-2699
  • Follow the instructions to enter the Participant PIN: 148286, followed by the "#" sign.
  •  The Teleconference is f/ree, but you will be charged for a standard long distance call by your phone company.
  • You will automatically enter the call.  We recommend you call a few minutes as we allow people to introduce themselves and state where they are calling from.  (If you are too early, so just wait.)  Once the conference is in progress, you will be able to hear but not speak to us until the final portion of the call, when the hosts and presenter will take questions from the audience.  We look forward to participating with you!

    Your hosts for these Teleconferences are
  • Zacciah Blackburn, Director of Education for SHN/NESHRI, as well as Co-Founder and Director of All One Now/WSHO
  • and Mary Comtois, Director of Special Projects for SHN/NESHRI
  • For the live broadcast, click here & login.
    (The broadcast will be available only at the listed time.)
  • Or join with your questions in our Joint SHN Teleconference by calling the number above.
Each broadcast will be available at the listed time,
your media player will begin when the broadcast goes live,
once you have signed in. 
The player can not play the broadcast until it begins, and may give an error message until that time.

If you have trouble listening on line, go to
and download the latest version of windows media player, free.   
All One Now is a venture of World Sound Healing, in co-operation with individuals and organizations seeking positive change for all humanity. 
World Sound Healing is a 501(C)3 is an independent non-profit project of Spectrum Arts and Education for Peace, inc., dedicated to world peace. 
Your tax-deductible donations, memberships, volunteer assistance,
and respect for each other, are highly appreciated.


The New England Sound Healing Research Institute, now known as The Sound Healing Network, is a Volunteer run, non-profit, service based organization with the mission of education, networking, community building, and bringing the wisdom and teachings of leaders in sound healing to the greater world community.

The Sound Healing Network  website will be

Go there or to to find out more about our visions, missions, and events, contribute on line, join our membership and e-newsletter, volunteer your time, see how you can assist in our efforts to raise consciousness of the effectiveness of sound healing modalities, and to bridge contemporary and ancient wisdom and sound healing arts, and more.

   For the live broadcast, click here & login.

  Our Hosts

Founders of All One Now & the World Sound Healing Organization offer their bios.

Your Host for All One Now Broadcasts:


Help with Archives and Live Web Broadcasts

We are sorry if you are experiencing difficulty with our webcasts or archives.
Most problems are related to one of these issues and can be easily resolved:
  • trying to listen to a live broadcast at the wrong time
  • using an outdated media player
  • non-windows operating systems or browsers

Our programs are streamed on Windows software, and interact best with Windows media systems.
We recommend you use the latest Windows Media Player ( a free and simple download at:

  • First, determine if you are trying to listen to a live broadcast, or an archived (past) broadcast.  Archives can be heard at any time.  Live broadcasts can ONLY be heard at the time of the broadcast.

  • Then Look over our Help Topics on
    • Proper Login for Live Broadcasts
    • Check Correct Time
    • Check for Latest Media Player Software
    • For Archived Broadcasts
    • Server Quality/Connection Speed
    • Assist Us

Proper Login for Live Broadcasts, not needed for Archived Broadcasts
If you are trying to listen to a live broadcast, you must insure you have properly logged in to our network to be able to receive the broadcast.  If you are listening to an archive, you do not need to log-in.

You can test your Media Player by clicking on this archived link to insure it is playing correctly:
It should come up and play automatically.  Check that your speakers are working and that the volume control is on at a good volume, also.  On PC's this shows up as a small speaker icon on your Windows ToolBar.  Double click on that icon to check volume.
We then suggest you look for additional solutions below.

To Log-In For Live Broadcasts
(For Live Teleconferences,
see: )

IF you log in early, you may have to hit the "play" button on your Media Player again after the broadcast time begins.  If your clock and our clock is not synchronized, we may also begin early or late according to your clock.  Wait a few minutes and try again!

To log-in for our live programs, click on our "turtle logo" on the top left of any page at, or go to:
This brings up our log in page at The World Sound Healing Organization, which is All One Now's parent non-profit organization, and home to our log-in system.
If you have ever logged in before, your e-mail address at that time is all you need to log in now.
Simply correctly enter your e-mail address and submit your log in.

If you have not logged in before, simply fill in the required fields of your name and e-mail address, and submit this information.
Another similar window will appear, and ask you to log in with the e-mail address you just used.
This confirms your correct e-mail address is being used, and you can always log in with it.

It also automatically subscribes you to our newsletter for future program announcements, which you can unsubscribe to at any time.

Your Media Player will automatically come up and play the broadcast ONCE IT BEGINS.
It is a LIVE broadcast, so will only play while we are on the air.
IF you log in early, you may have to hit the "play" button on your Media Player again after the broadcast time begins.

Check Correct Time for Live Broadcasts
If you get an error message and cannot listen during the time of a live broadcast, first check the accuracy of date and time of broadcast at .  We list our broadcasts from EST - Eastern Standard Time in the US, which is + 5 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time.)

For International Time and Date conversion, you can check the correct time for your area anywhere in the world at:
 click here.

Check for Latest Media Player Software & Browser
If this does not resolve your problem, you may need to download the latest software for your media player.  This is the most common problem people face when trying to listen to our broadcasts.
We highly recommend the use of Windows Media Player.  This usually resolves any compatibility issues.
Whether you use Windows Media, Realtime, Quicktime, or other media player, these may need updated versions of their software, which change often as computer technologies change so often.  These softwares and their updates are all free. 
The software we use to broadcast is up to date Windows based software, and requires relatively up to date media software to play correctly on many players.
You can go to the website of your media player for a free download, or go to and search for, download, and install the latest Windows Media player, and you should be all set.  Easy to follow instructions are on each site. The current link for downloading Windows Media player is here, but this could change at future times.
Again, these are free.

Occasionally, it may be that your browser does not support the media files.  We find Internet Explorer has the fewest problems with playing these media files.  You can download IE free here:
Again, it is important to note, Live Broadcasts are only broadcast at the announced time.

If all above is correct, or For Archived Broadcasts:
Check this link to see if it pulls up your media player and plays an archived broadcast.
If it plays, then your log in is the only likely problem, see Log in information above.
If it does not play, see Player solutions above, and Connection speed below.

Server Quality/Connection Speed
The only likely remaining problem is if you have a slow dialup connection speed which simply does not support live streaming audio.  Many today have broadband (cable modem, dsl, or other technology) connections which will have no problem connecting to our servers.

Only older, slower modems and ISP connectors would be likely to have any problem regarding this possibility.
Our broadcasts are set for dialup speeds as slow as 15kbps, so this will rarely be the problem.  Most dial-up connections will work quite sufficiently, but there could occasionally be such a problem, or with older hardware on your computer.

We can then only suggest you contact your ISP provider, or computer hardware technician to assist further.
We, unfortunately, are unable to assist directly with you individually for additional problem solving.

Assist Us

Thanks for your understanding, we hope this helps.
And we hope you hear us vividly, and we hear from you again in the future!
Think of contributing to our broadcasts by making a simple on line donation!
Support this on going volunteer work!
See: for on line or mail in donation information.  Your donation is tax deductible!

Thanks for your consideration.
Zacciah Blackburn
for World Sound Healing and the All One Now Network
Contact: All One Now
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT 05030
Phone: 802.674.9585

All One Now is a cooperative venture between World Sound Healing, and other organizations.
 World Sound Healing is a 501(C)3 non-profit  project
of Spectrum Arts and Education for Peace, inc., dedicated to world peace.
Your tax-deductible donations, memberships, volunteer assistance,
and respect for each other, are highly appreciated.

  © 2005-8,  world sound healing ,
       Zacciah Blackburn
       All rights reserved